Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sit & Stay Plans & Packages

We provide:

Day Care:
• Per day
• 6 Day Stay
• 1 Month Stay*
• 3 Month Stay*
• 6 Month Stay* (includes 1 overnight stay)
• 1 Year Stay* (includes 2 overnight stays)

Day Care includes the following per day:
• 1 hour of Group Socialization
• 2 hours of individual counseling & socialization coaching
• 2 hours of group exercise including toy play and free roam
• 1 hour of relaxation (nap time)

* Stay Packages include Unlimited Day Care for the pre-paid period.

Overnight Stays/Boarding
• Includes basic Daycare
• Night time Routines per customer instructions

Obedience Training
• Home Visits or
• At our Facility

Obedience Training includes:
• Basic obedience commands and hand signals
• 1 hour per week is required to:
• follow-up with existing training
• administer new lesson plan.

Red Zone Aggression Cases
• Are Accepted on a Case by Case Basis.

Rehabilitation Programs
• Rehabilitation programs are personally designed to fit the needs of the dog. All programs focus on basic socialization to achieve a well-balanced pack member.

All Boarding and Training is Pre-Paid.

Gift Certificates Are Available!
Special Discounts are Available to Animal Rescues and
Special Discounts are Available to Seniors

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