To: Jesse Moranti

I will write again in a few days but, you and your pack are sooo awesome! Thank you so much for instilling the boundries in Kodi that we were not able to. He is so much more calm and respectful. We have worked him and I even had him running along side Brie today with very few corrections. He seems to really "get it" and I am more calm because I am more trusting of his new calm.

He greeted us when we came home from church today calmly and when I called him to me after a short time and had him sit, he offered me his head to pet....never happened before! We are beyond proud and hopeful. He will be able to bless so many people thru his new manners and thru helping fosters with their manners.

Again, Jesse, Thank you so much.


I have two very small dogs- both with behavioral issues. My ten pound Pekingese, Gabriel, is extremely aggressive toward dogs seven times his size, and tends to put himself in potentially dangerous situations. Hank, my “Malte-poo, is a puppy mill rescue and spends his life trying to avoid people.

They both spent an hour with Jesse, by the end of that hour Gabriel was romping with Jesses’ 70lb Border Collie, and having fun; Hank was laying in Jesses’ lap completely relaxed- this is a dog that will never cross in front of someone, let alone sit with them!

Meeting with Jesse is changing my dogs lives, and I’m learning how to help my dogs to become “balanced.” Jesse has AWESOME dog energy! He is the “dog whisperer” of the East Coast!

-Carol Wishard

Jesse has been a great help by training of my dogs Gotti Shadow! When I first brought them they had a weak behavioral structure. They always were good dogs, but I knew they could be better dogs. They sometimes got away with jumping on the couch, and got too excited when they saw people and other dogs… their energy levels were too elevated.

I’ve entrusted Jesse with the rehabilitation of my dogs; they are not only healthier, but much more obedient than they have ever been. I highly recommend Jesse and his expertise in dog training and exercise programs, he also helped me to realize that my dogs were controlling me… now I control them!

If your dog has behavioral problems, you owe it to yourself, and your dog, to have Jesse evaluate the situation!

Ernie Ergottino - Summerfield, FL

We came across “SIT & STAY” Doggie Daycare quite by accident and are we ever happy we did. It’s doing wonders for our little rescue dog. Our dog is a wonderful pet, but, he had issues with socialization and being around other dogs.

He was starting to generalize this unfriendly, fearful behavior with people and this was beginning to be a big problem. Since starting a regular routine at “SIT & STAY” he is like a new dog.

He is losing his fearful behavior and is learning to be a calmer dog. He is also doing better on leash. I am so grateful to Jesse ,and the staff, at “SIT & STAY” for having the know how to deal with our beloved pet. Their facility is very clean, they are very professional and caring, and their rates are very reasonable. I can’t praise them enough and highly recommend them.