Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Campers of the Week!

The Groeninger Pack!

Mister, he's so photogenic!

Lila and
Charlie with Our Izzy

We hit a few of bumps in the road with these guys in the beginning; not human nor canine error, but rather mechanical malfuntion. I would like to thank the Groeninger family for their sense of humor, and understanding.

When Lisa dropped the entirely adopted pack on Friday, I mentioned my plan to cut the grass. That got put off for days, it's tough to spend five hours on a lawn tractor without A/C to retreat to afterwards. If you're a facebook friend you know the hellish weekend I had here at Sit & Stay. It was basically a comedy of errors. All of which ,I'm convinced, due to the heat wave complication; again, the dogs were the easiest part of my day!

Mister, a three year old Mini Aussie, was adopted from a breeder. He's very cute, and can really cover some ground; it's a blast to watch him running with the others! This little guy is athletic, a typically Aussie trait. He's also got a common Aussie scepticisim of a particular type of people: strangers, men, women, etc.
I'll put it this way, Mister loves the ladies. He's not really fearful of me, his dad, or other men; he'd just rather listen to, and be around women. I can't say I blame him...lol! He's got no issues with other dogs, and I often find him cuddled up with his siblings.

Charlie is a three year old Papillon Mix, and the ultimate cuddle bug. He shows no signs of a problem rescue dog, an a joy to have around. His thing is to sneak (so he thinks) up to me on the sofa. He'll inch his way up, as close as I'll let him, but does understand if I draw a line. It's fun to watch him test that imaginary line. Charlie's little, but he can hang with the big kids. If I'm not paying attention, he and his larger sister compete for the sofa.

Lila's a two year old Border Collie; if you know me you also know I'm partial to the breed. I'm always amazed to hear that a dog a great as she, was in a kill shelter. The Groeninger's adopted her about three months ago. I'm guessing she got comfortable in her new home quickly, because she settled in here within the first hour.

In addition to the boarding services, I'll be evaluating Lila's obedience level; Lisa would like to get involved in some volunteer work with her. So, when that re-uniting excitment level wares down, we'll do a little mock CGC with Lisa and Lila. I love to see clients as dedicated, and active as I have lately.

Well, we've all survived that first week inspite of all of the obstacles. The last few days have been a rip. Lots of running, playing, along with some instruction and bonding as well. Lila, Titan, and Izzy are great running partners; that's not to say Mister and Charlie just watch, they're in the field working their little lungs and hearts to the max too.

So the field is freshly trimmed, the A/C is pumping, and all is well in my tiny sliver of world I call Sit and Stay The Villages. Oh yeah, Mister is starting to warm up to me, a man; he got crazy excited when I greeted him this morning. In fact, Guess who's hanging with me right now?


  1. I love little mister mister he is such a cutie pie and oh man charlie is def the worlds biggest cuddle bug even with the cat :)