Thursday, June 24, 2010

Off Season; What's That?

Here in Central Florida, Summer is considered our off-season. So why are we having the best month since we started here? I know it's been a while since my last entry , but I spent last week on Long Island in order to bring my Dads cremains to the family burial plot. Besides the Fathers Day connection, we thought it would best to handle these family functions when business is light.

I left my assistant, Amanda, in charge of the facility; she did an excellent job! The amazing thing to me is the calls and correspondence must have tripled over the last month. As recommended by law enforcement I didn't make my absence public, and handled the transition as seeming less as possible. That said, I came home to more bookings than I'm accustomed to, what a rush!

Yesterday was no exception, the usual inquires, some long term boarders went home; our day campers came and went, and a couple of tours with perspective clients. Then the highlight of my day, an intro-session to a new clients training program.

Carson a ,Border Collie Mix, and adopted rescue dog and his Mom Joan showed up a little late, but no demerits were issued as they traveled over an hour to get here- I'm flattered! Carson and Joan are the first recipients of our re-vamped training manual; Amanda and I are very proud of it.

Joan adopted Carson from The DogLiberator. He was then known as Carter, "Mr McDreamy", first of all 'cause he's beautiful, and secondly for his loving and gentle presence. Gisele was spot-on when she saw his potential as a service dog, and Joan is running with it!

Together Joan and I are preparing Carson for the Canine Good Citizen Certification; he's a shoe-in. He's got a great calm about him, but is very attentive. In reality Joan and Carson will be doing the work, I'm just here to point them in the right direction; when we first spoke a couple of months ago she asked all of the right questions as well. Since then the two have built an incredible bond.

The first meeting can be a little overwhelming to the handler and dog, so we try to keep it casual and fun. Dogs learn so much quicker when they enjoy themselves, and so do we. Next week the review/testing begins; the biggest advantage to one on one training is in the Q&A time, and I'm certain Joan with have tons of questions- she's a great student.

The question I'm asking myself is "can I keep up with the off-season?" The answer is, hell yeah... and loving it!

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