Thursday, April 8, 2010

Camper of the Week!

This weeks choice was a "no brainer", this little girl was a real short term foster, but had a huge impact on the usual campers and staff. We referred to her as "Puppy" while she was here as if that would keep us from getting too close- fat chance! Lil' Sheila, as she's now known, had a few piddle accidents the fist day, but we did no correction. The fact that she did stinky's outside everytime gave me the perfect opportunity to praise her, she caught on very quickly and soon after the "accidents" stopped.

Like most puppies Sheila's full of energy and loves to play with the big kids. Her favorite game is "keep away" and Titan surprised me when he allowed her to have his favorite toys. As soon as they went outside he'd find a ball to give the little girl, and the game was on!

Another activity Sheila has a real love for is launching off the top step of the deck here. I'd love to see if she likes water, she's definitely got the makings to be a great swimmer: toy drive + launching + love of water = "dock jumper"

I've no doubt that The DogLiberator will quickly find a "forever home" for this fun filled little girl, another success story in the making. I'm looking foward to following her progress- the true joy of fostering! You're all welcome to follow Lil' Shiela with me at

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  1. Jesse,
    what breed of dog is Shiela??? Is she up for adoption??? Can you tell me more about her???