Monday, April 26, 2010

Camper of the Week!

Byson, this young Pekingese has been with us for about ten days, and fits in with our residents and campers alike. He and another little fellow ,Dargo, love to sit on the sidelines to watch Titans "Frisbee" practice.

-I've done all I can to seal the gates in the backyard but they always find a way out! The funny part is they get crazy exited until they get out to the foul line, but then they just sit near me and quietly watch our routine. Sometimes Titan brings the disc back to them instead of's a rip when they pick it up 'cause it's as big as them!

-Byson belongs to my office manager Amanda. He's here because he and his Dad ,Gabriel, were fighting due to them both being intact, and ti's the season for "heat". He's been the perfect little gentelman here as everyone else is "fixed". Gabriel was neutered last week, and Byson is next up on the "hit parade". We'll be re-uniting them this weekend; Amanda, and her/Gabe's Mom, Carol really miss this little guy. I totally get it- I'll miss him when he leaves too!


  1. LOL he is such a sweetie but yo and my grandma cant seem to spell his name right it. bYson LOL idk it just looks nicer that way :)