Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Campers of the Week

This gentle giant is Bruno, a three year old, 105lb German Shepard. He's a super high energy boy that's been dragging his people around since he's been able to do so. We evaluated, and cleared him for our open style day camp last week. He's very bright and responded well to leash work, but he does need more structure; Bruno's way too large to be left to his own devices.
Yesterday we got confirmation on his enrollment into our Basic Obedience Program; Bruno and his folks start next week. It's a six week program that is backed up with a written intro designed to help owners build a strong foundation on which to build a healthy working relationship with their often "spoiled pets".
All too often we meet folks that have completed group classes, that can be helpful, but in my opinion can't have nearly as much impact as "one on one" instruction. There are also far too many distractions in a group setting; outside stimuli should be slowly introduced after owner and pet have a better understanding of what success feels, and looks like.
Homework is essential to succeeding in building this working relationship, and we allow more Q&A than any group class has time for. At Sit & Stay we can also set owners up for success by using a full day of exercise before they get here to work with the dogs. Focus is much easier to obtain in a calm dog.
Bruno's folks are very sincere, and I'm sure they'll do well, and they'll all be much happier when they have a daily routine; dogs thrive on structure and routine, they're born followers.

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