Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Campers of the Week

We had lots of pups through Sit & Stay last week, but Louie and Brutus made the biggest impression. They kept me laughing, and on my toes.

Louie, the fawn colored 15 year old Terrier mix has special needs and takes some medication, but what a great attitude. He looked like he was in heaven, constantly smiling, when given free roam time on our acreage. Louie's legs, eyes, and ears don't work so well, but he always did his best to keep up with his little brother.

Brutus is a light silver colored, 2 year old Yorkie-Poo that loves to run, jump and play- always checking on his older "states-dog" brother. I love his Moms sense of humor shown in his ironic name.

Many of you know I always play "name-games" with our guests, campers, and fosters; these guys were no exception. I was referring to them as "Abbott and Costello", Lou and Bud, "Hey Abbott!", Louie-Louie-Louie Lou-I, Screwy Louie, Bluto, "Brutus the Beefcake Barber"...etc. The list grows larger as their time here builds.

These great little campers left on Saturday, and on Sunday morning I felt the void campers often leave behind. That afternoon their Mom called and thanked us again for taking such good care of her babies. I really love what I do, the dogs, and the people I'm privileged to encounter here at Sit & Stay!

Do you guys have any funny dog name stories?

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